The Lord Reigns, Let the earth rejoice!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Theology

The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice! Tucked away at the beginning of the 97th Psalm is the key ingredient to authentic worship.  The Lord reigns.  True, authentic worship cannot be attained without a real and experiential understanding of this truth.  The Lord reigns.  He reigns when the cancer comes back for the fourth and final time and all the hours in prayer have not yielded the results we had hoped for.  He reigns when our hearts are broken yet again by a womb that will not bear a child.  He reigns when thousands die at the hands of men who are dependent on their own sacrifice and the accompanying deaths to secure a place for themselves and their relatives in the presence of the god of Ishmael and Mohammed.  My wife and I have never been through anything like that personally, so it seems fairly easy to say the Lord reigns.  I can’t imagine the difficulty of holding onto that truth in the midst of something like that.  In the past I have found it very hard, and still do today, to hold onto and proclaim that truth without feeling like I’m a fake.  How can I say that when it has never really been tested in my life?  That’s the question that has run through my head.  But lately, there has come a bit of clarity in my mostly cluttered brain.  The question that now pops into my head that did not before is, “Hey Shane, does the Lord reign in only the big things?”  I have begun to realize that my faith in His sovereignty is tested every minute of every day.  I get to choose whether or not I believe He reigns when the waitress gives us something different than we order.  Does He reign when it’s extremely hot in our house b/c the air conditioner isn’t exactly conditioning the air?  Does He reign when the person driving the car in front of me at the intersection can’t see the sign that says, “Keep moving” or doesn’t notice that there is no stop sign?  Does He reign when my daughter still hasn’t acknowledged me even though I have called her name five times?  Does He reign when the music at church doesn’t exactly lead me into worship?  Does He reign when people I respect greatly don’t have quite the same view as I do about how to educate our children?  Does He reign when people don’t treat me or those I care about in a way that is biblical?  Does He reign when things in my job don’t go exactly like I plan for them to?  The stinging truth that just won’t stop biting at me is that every time I complain about the circumstances surrounding me, I am suggesting that I do not believe the Lord reigns. How different might my life look if I were to hold onto this truth and let it infiltrate my being?  How might I serve others regardless of how they treat me?  How might I smile and thank Him for the opportunity to rest in His sovereignty when (enter circumstance here)?  How might I parent differently?  Can you imagine how the household might look of one who truly rejoices b/c the Lord reigns?  Can you imagine what a difference it would make in the lives of our children if we create for them an environment where His reign is acknowledged and rejoiced?  Lord, please soften my heart to rest in your Sovereignty instead of trying to exercise my own.  Please teach me to sink my roots into the Gospel each day that I might rest in Your sovereign rule and in Your grace to me when I choose unrest.  Teach me to rejoice that my wife and children may rejoice as well, so that it might be said of You by our lives that The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice!

  1. Jim Pack, Jr. says:


    You make a great point and we all should try to look at life this way. I know I should worship God in everything I do, but I often try to put God in a compartment, such as I’ve had my quite timefor today, now what’s next”. I want to think in a Godly manner all day and be seeking to worship Him in all my actions…in how I treat others and how I think through decisions, etc…

    Thanks for sharing this great insight.


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