The Day Before

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Trip to East Asia

This was a long day. I had quite a few things to get finished at work, needed to go shopping for some last minute items and still had to pack everything up. Steph began running a fever today so, being the awesome husband i knew i needed to be given that i’d be leaving for 10 days, i picked micah up from school and let him run some errands and hang out at the office with me. Then i picked up the girls and finished up at the office and went to Walmart for the last minute stuff. This allowed Steph to get some much needed rest. It was evident already that this day was not going to go as planned. Steph was resting on the couch when we returned home and, unfortunately for her, had to remain there the rest of the night. She was miserable. After eating, it was time to put the kids to bed and say goodbye. This was hard especially for Emily and Grace. They cried for 15 minutes or so. Finally they fell asleep on the promise that i would wake them before i left. Micah didn’t really understand what was going on. After the kids went to sleep, it was a very lonely night. I missed my family even before i was gone. I placed some Hershey’s kisses in four separate bowls so they could have a “kiss” from Daddy every night before they go to bed. Man, this is going to be hard.


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