Day Two – Leaving Atlanta . . . .again

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Trip to East Asia

The condition of the hotel turned out not to matter that much.  I overslept by 45 minutes!  Still haven’t quite figured out how to use all the feature of the World phone.  Jamie, Charles and David headed to the airport without me and i quickly showered and repacked my stuff to catch the next shuttle.  I arrived at the airport and looked for the shortest check-n line.  As i walked up to the back of the line, I looked over to my right and saw the fellas at the check-in counter in a different line.  So, I walked over and handed the lady my passport.  Didn’t have to wait in line even a minute. . . just like i planned. 🙂 

Keeping with our theme of delay, after we were in the security line, one of the guys looked down at the tickets and noticed that the date was yesterday’s date.  After quickly conferring with the security checkpoint lady, we got out of line and went back to the check-in counter so she could print out the correct boarding passes.  Finally we made it through security, took the concourse train to our concourse, had breakfast, chilled in the Crown room again (thanks again) and went to our gate.  The delay then continued as we were told one of the flight attendants from our crew (the same crew as yesterday) had fallen and hurt herself badly enough that she was being taken to the hospital.  Unbelievable.  This of course delayed our boarding because they had to get a stretcher on the plane and then get her off.  It wasn’t life threatening but she landed on her lower back and they wanted to take every precaution.  We finally boarded, but had to sit at the gate for 30 minutes or so because they had to wait on a replacement flight attendant who had the proper visa to fly to China!

We finally took off about 25 hours after our original departure time.  Since it was a 16 hour flight and China is 12 hours ahead of us, we would be landing at 1:30 PM on Saturday in China (1:30 AM in Georgia).  We watched several more movies, read some of The Good Earth, by Pearl Buck and slept as much as we could.

Day Two’s Accomplishments:  We left Atlanta and did not return, watched movies, slept, watched more movies, read part of a novel and slept some more.

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